Melvins | (A) Senile Animal (Ipecac Recordings)

While the devil isn't at work during (A) Senile Animal, it certainly leaves one feeling sinister.


Coady Willis and Jared Warren are fans of the Melvins; of this I have no doubt. Their outfit Big Business has the musk of the Melvins all over them. Add on that Warren also fronted the mighty Karp and it's not surprising that the duo have been welcomed aboard as the Melvins' newest members. Logically, it's not surprising, but in actual fact this is deliriously jaw-dropping. In the terms of measurable "fuck yeahs," this almost ranks up with hearing Hot Snakes whip out the Drive Like Jehu standard "Bullet Train to Vegas" near the end of their set in Lawrence, Kan., a few years back.

While definitely a Melvins record, the touch of the gentlemen from Big Business clearly permeates all over this disc. Willis and Warren joining Buzz Osbourne and Dale Crover means a lot of things. Mainly it means multiple vocalists, double drums, double bass, and double guitars. That, my friend, translates to (A) Senile Animal being "one of the best of their careers." The previous quote comes from the pen of their PR firm-who would probably say the same thing if it was absolutely awful. However, this time around flagpole, it happens to ring a mighty true. While this is drenched from the pool of music writer clichés, (A) Senile Animal absolutely rocks. Not to discount the excellent work by rhythm section, but the guitar work and the continuous game vocal tag are top notch. Frequently, the tunes on this record elicit devilish grins. We are talking about Nicholson grinning devilishly throughout The Shining, Karen Black in Trilogy of Terror, and Gomer Pyle's grin seconds before he blows his brains out in Full Metal Jacket. While the devil isn't at work during (A) Senile Animal, it certainly leaves one feeling sinister. To unleash your inner demon, check out "The Talking Horse," "Blood Witch," "Rat Faced," "The Hawk," and "A History of Bad Men." To repeat, this disc is tremendous and is definitely one of the best CDs of 2006.

RIYL: Karp, Black Cobra, Big Business

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