Meg Myers | Make a Shadow (Atlantic)

cd meg-myersMyers’ voice ranges from sultry and grandiose, to howling with the best of them.



Meg Myers has quickly emerged on the national scene behind lead single “Desire”, which is all over the airwaves and comes at you with the lyrical rawness of Nine Inch Nails’ “Closer.” The 28-year-old Nashville native released her second EP on Atlantic Records, and began touring nationwide with shows opening for the Pixies, Bastille, and fellow up-and-comers Broods.

Myers’ voice ranges from sultry and grandiose on the titular “Make a Shadow,” to howling with the best of them on “Heart Heart Head,” which feels like it has to be complete emotional catharsis performed live. “Go” has the potential to be the next single that pushes the artist just that much closer, even though it belongs to a heavier world musically than “Desire.” “The Morning After” takes the singer back to a more subtle moment in time, as she caresses with her voice, “I couldn’t sleep last night, how you look like an angel, it’s burnt in my mind.”

This short EP and her quick rise to ears nationwide certainly point to bigger things for the future, but the music is already there, and hopefully more of it is soon to come. | Bruce Matlock

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