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Man-Overboard-heavy-Love 75Every song on the album is well-written, and really gives the notion that the band members write from the heart.




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New Jersey pop-punk outfit Man Overboard recently released its fourth full-length album, titled Heavy Love. The album features twelve songs that set a familiar yet novel tone for the band, as if they bring pieces from their past but are adapting their sound for the future.

I like this album as a whole, but it seems like all the best songs are stacked at the front. After hearing the awesome songs that grace tracks one through four, expectations for the rest of the album are set very high. Now, I’m not saying the rest of the album is bad by any means, it’s just not as profound as those first four songs. I would have liked the track placement to be shook up a tad more.

In its entirety, Heavy Love is a great listen for any time of the day. I found myself dancing to it, exercising to it, singing along to it, driving in my car to it, and even falling asleep to it. It breaks the barriers of an album trapped by a certain listening timeframe.

Something Man Overboard is great at is writing lyrics. Every song on the album is well-written, and really gives the notion that the band members write from the heart. The sound of the album consists mainly of low guitars and low bass, stacked against medium-to-high-pitched vocals. The contrast works, as it’s something the band is known for. The band also is known for having two lead vocalists, Nik Bruzzese and Zac Eisenstein. The vocalists feed off each other, each one singing the parts that better fit their voices.

“Borderline” is by far my favorite song on Heavy Love, followed by other great tracks like “Now That You’re Home,” “Reality Check,” and “Splinter.” I can honestly say I listened to these four songs on repeat for days. Unfortunately, I’m still waiting for the band to top its incredible song “Montrose” from the 2010 album Real Talk. “Borderline” comes close, but still doesn’t take the cake.

If you’re not familiar with Man Overboard, they’re a driving force among the pop-punk scene, and sure to hit with fans of other bands like The Wonder Years. Fans can catch Man Overboard the rest of the summer on the nationwide Vans Warped Tour. B | Emily Van de Riet

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