Luke Bryan | Crash My Party (Capitol Nashville)

Luke-Bryan-Crash-My-PartyThe music is edgy, the lyrics are compelling, and the vocals are impressive.


“That’s My Kind of Night” | Hmm. This is the first time I have heard Luke and I have to say I am not impressed. The lyrics come off campy and his vocals seem to be missing something. Score: 5

“Beer in the Headlights” | Much better. Lyrics are catchy, music moves along nicely and the vocals are better. This is a sure fire radio hit. Score: 8

“Crash My Party” | Not much to gig on this track. I liked the vocal delivery as well as the lyrics. The only point I took off was for using the word “girl” too much. Score: 9

“Roller Coaster” | The imagery of this song is not super strong. Luke’s vocals are above average, but not outstanding. I will say this: The music had me swaying the whole time. Score: 7

“We Run This Town” | This song lacks energy and sparkle. Luke seems bored with his vocals and the whole vibe was just blah. Next. Score: 5

“Drink a Beer” | This ballad is brilliant. The song is about losing someone you love. But what the songwriters did was make it non-gender specific so the listener can make it about anyone they lost. That, along with Luke’s emotionally real vocals and the tender music, makes this track a standout. Score: 10

“I See You” | Another fantastic track. The music is edgy, the lyrics are compelling, and the vocals are impressive. I particularly liked the guitar work on this song. I would love to hear this on the radio. Score: 10

“Goodbye Girl” | A very sweet ballad, but for me, it is too sweet and too forgettable. I guess he had to put this one on the album for the ladies. Nothing but a filler track. Score: 5

“Play It Again” | The musical side of my brain loved the vocals on this track. Luke’s voice is heaven and I could listen to this one over and over. The practical side of my brain wasn’t buying what Luke was selling. Who sits by the radio waiting for a song to play? iTunes is .99 a track and you can listen to is as much as you want. Score: 8

“Blood Brothers” | Meh. Perhaps this one fell on my deaf ears seeing how I don’t trust people and don’t appreciate what the title represents. The music is OK and Luke’s vocals are standard, so it is a mediocre track but not one that made me feel anything. Score: 5

“Out Like That” | The lyrics on this one made me laugh out loud—and not in a good way. Specifically, the use of the phrase “drips drops.” C’mon, Luke ,is this the best song you could find? This one is a major miss: When I laugh at a song, it is over. Score: 0

“Shut It Down” | Another filler track. Nothing to hear here folks, move it along. This love song bored me and made me want to hit the FF button. Score: 4

“Dirt Road Diary” | It isn’t often that I feel more butch that the songs I listen to, but here it is. A dirt road diary, Luke? Oh my. The lyrics are God awful and the vocals are not much better. What a shame you had to end an otherwise great album with this clunker. Score: 0

Average Track Score: 5.9. Would I recommend this to my friends? Sure. But I will tell them to just ignore the last three songs. | Jim Ryan


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