Lloyd Cole | Antidepressant (One Little Indian)

"I said I'm trying to write my novel/she said, ‘Neither am I.'"


cd_coleThere's just something about Lloyd Cole. Even at his most mature and reflective, he's got that cynical, hang-dog appeal. He's still every bit as caustic and reflective as ever, though now he's looking back, aged and wiser, rather than puffing out his chest and boasting vehemently. His voice is buttery smooth, intoxicating; the music's stripped down, gentler.

Antidepressant is Cole's follow-up to 2003's Music in a Foreign Language. Lyrically, it's on par with anything he's done; Cole always was a clever wordsmith, and this album's no different. Whereas back in the '80s with the Commotions he sang, "I took my medication/I feel worse," these days he's more resigned to his truth. On the title track—a bit of a rockier number, thankfully—he proclaims, "With my medication I will be fine." The song continues wittily: "I said I'm trying to write my novel/she said, ‘Neither am I.'"

As for the rest of the album, well, it's soothing, grown-up music. Listening, I'm both attracted and a tiny bit frustrated; I know Cole's gotten older, but dammit, so I have I. And I still like music with a bit more teeth, more rock 'n' roll; gives me something to hold on to. So while any Cole is good Cole, given the choice, I still find myself reaching for the old Commotions discs (thank god for re-releases, eh?). Antidepressant makes for good dinner party music, though. B-

RIYL: Lloyd Cole & the Commotions, Duncan Sheik, David Gray

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