Leona Lewis | Christmas, With Love (Simco)

leona christmasI love how Leona is serving emotional realness with her soulful vocals.


 “One More Sleep” | What a fun Christmas song! Leona is serving holiday cheer with this original song and I am loving it! This sure put me in the holiday mood, despite the warm weather we’ve been having. (Keep in mind I live in St. Louis, and when I post this it could totally be snowing.) This track is totally DQW (Drag Queen Worthy). Score: 10

“Winter Wonderland” | I think the mix is off on this one. There is something grand about the arrangement, but the backing music seemed to overpower Leona’s vocals. Score: 5

“White Christmas” | A gorgeous, pared down version of a holiday classic. I love how Leona is serving emotional realness with her soulful vocals. Score: 9

“Your Hallelujah” | Clearly, this is supposed to be the showpiece of the album, but I was rather bored. Nothing moved me. Maybe I just have a cold dead heart. Score: 4

“Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) | Seeing how this is one of my favorite holiday songs, I expect a lot from whoever covers it. I just wish Leona would have given as much of an effort throughout the whole song as she did at the end. Score: 6

“Mr. Right” | Meh. A blah song that really doesn’t go anywhere and sounds strangely similar to the first track of this album. Filler. Next. Score: 5

“O Holy Night” | Yes ma’am. This is what I was talking about when I was dogging “Your Hallelujah.” Emotional realness. Loved this song from start to finish. Now this is how you do “O Holy Night.” Score: 10

“I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday” | I liked the energy of the main part of the song, but the first 45 seconds have to go. I deem this high-energy track DQW. Score: 8

“Ave Maria” | Is this the most beautiful song ever written? I think it might be. Leona does an amazing job on this, as she almost brought a tear to my eye. That said, whenever I hear this song, I think two things: (1) I hope gangsters don’t break into my home and shoot up the place in slow motion; and (2) I always wish when someone is singing this song halfway through they would break into that similar musical number from The Fifth Element. Score: 10

“Silent Night” | An a cappella version of this holiday standard. This should be the jingle for Lunesta ’cause I sure did go to sleep.  Beautiful, but boring. Score: 5

Average Track Score: 7.2 Would I recommend this to my friends? Probably. There is enough good material to make up for the boring stuff. | Jim Ryan


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