Krystal Keith | Whiskey & Lace (Universal)

krystal-keith-whiskey-laceI think country queens have a new anthem to dance with their daddies on their wedding day.


“Doin’ It” | I am a bit confused. What is everyone doing? Listening to music? Drinking? Or are you talking about sex, Krystal? The music is fun enough, but the lyrics left me scratching my head. Score: 6

“Can’t Buy You Money” | This mid-tempo track has what I like most: swagger. The music reminded me of Harper Valley PTA, which is a good thing. Krystal sold me on this one with her blues-inspired vocals. Score: 9

“What Did You Think I’d Do” | This track reminded me of ’90s country: non-threatening, catchy, and easy on the ears. The only problem is I can quickly forget this one as I continue on my journey for emotionally real songs. Plus the very end of the song pissed me off. Score: 6

“Daddy Dance with Me” | This is what I am talking about. Krystal dug deep with her vocals and killed me with this gorgeous ballad. I think country queens have a new anthem to dance with their daddies on their wedding day. Score: 9

“Cabo San Lucas” | And we are back to filler. Another easy listening, emotionally devoid track. It was nice to hear, but it made me feel nothing. Score: 5

“Him and This Tattoo” | Now this is a fun track. Upbeat music and clever lyrics are the highlights of this song. I do like the tone of Krystal’s voice; I wish she would do more songs in this vein. Score: 8

“Beautiful Weakness” | This track is gorgeous from beginning to end. I would love to know who the male vocalist who accompanied Krystal on this track is; his voice gives me life. What more can I say? Go listen to this one and drift away. Score: 10

“Down Into Muddy Water” | We are back to the swagger and I like it! Girl, this is your strong suit; you should do this more. Stop trying to be Jimmy Buffet and be more Miranda Lambert. Score: 10

“Get Your Redneck On” | Headslap—back to filler. This easy listening song is good filler, but it is still a filler track. Another Jimmy Buffet wannabe track, but I will say this: Krystal’s voice is heaven. Score: 6

“Whiskey and Lace” | Krystal ends the album on a high note with this upbeat rocker. Once again, it is the swagger in the vocals that sold me on this track. The lyrics are pretty top notch, but it is the swagger that sells. Score: 9

Average Track Score: 7.8 Would I recommend this to my friends? Sure. Overall, the album works. But I will warn them about the feel good easy listening tracks. | Jim Ryan


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