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cd_krysta-youngs.jpgYoungs could be compared to a more colorful and aggressive Mandy Moore.







Said to be the newest in the line of young, independent, brazen and sassy songstresses, Krysta Youngs has been compared to the likes of Christina Aguilera and Avril Lavigne. Instead, her new album resembles that of one that doesn’t know what it wants to be from a more unseasoned artist who isn’t quite sure which direction she’s going. Once in a great while an artist comes along that defies definition and labels and totally obliviates the box; however, for Youngs, the exact opposite happens. In an effort to make it more personal, the album is equipped with short intros that reflect a more jazz-house/spoken-word feel to them, but what follows comes off as a series of songs that lack quality.

Youngs could be compared to a more colorful and aggressive Mandy Moore. In that vein, one would suggest this album is geared toward the younger tween-agers; however, with the cursing and adult issues, I’m not sure what audience they’re aiming for. Adults most likely would not be drawn to this album due of its girly nature. As pre-teen as this album is, I wouldn’t recommend to the younger crowd due to the adult subjects and profanity.

Like a lot of pop albums to come out recently, Stories includes a remix of her song Untold by DJ George Vala. The Untold Remix is proof enough that Youngs’ lyrics aren’t the problem, but instead the music itself. There isn’t a single song on the album that would drive a listener to hit repeat; every song sounds like the next. Other than the remix — done by someone else — there isn’t a single song that sticks out. My suggestion to Youngs is to think about turning to house music, where the talent of music writing will be left up to someone else. If not, there is always the Madonna approach: pay a European DJ to fix it for you so you’re guaranteed success.

This album is kind of like that joke that sounded so funny in your head, but when it came out, warranted nothing but crickets; some things just come off wrong. It’s clear where this album was going but it definitely didn’t arrive. The lyrics worked but the music didn’t. The intros were deep and poetic spoken word, but the songs were very Mandy Moore. Youngs spewed a couple curse words that were about as comfortable as listening to a four-year-old utter them. In all, the flow of the album was choppy and confusing, with no emotional substance to make you feel anything…much like a little girl trying on her mother’s hat and shoes, it just didn’t fit. C | Jennifer Manjarez

RIYL: Mandy Moore, Michelle Branch, Kelly Clarkson

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