Korn | The Paradigm Shift (Prospect Park)

Korn TheParadigmShift_Cover-300x300Heavy, but not too heavy. Melodic, but not too melodic. Crunchy, but just the right amount of crunch.


“Prey for Me” | Now this is how I like my metal: Heavy, but not too heavy. Melodic, but not too melodic. Crunchy, but just the right amount of crunch. This song got me grooving and made me commence with the head bobbing—if any song can do that, it deserves high marks. Score: 9

“Love & Meth” | I can only imagine how many mosh pits this searing track will produce. Typical Korn: heavy bass, wall of sound rhythms, and that signature voice. Keep doing this, boys—this rocks. Score: 9

“What We Do” | I loved the first third and the last third of this song, but the middle caused me to roll my eyes. I thought this was going to be my favorite song of the album, but that middle part took it out of getting top honors. So sad. Score: 6

“Spike in My Veins” | This one may not be a face shredder, but it kicks some major ass. I can’t explain it fully, but the music on this track sounds fresh, modern, and new metal. This could qualify as my favorite track on the album. Score: 10

“Mass Hysteria” | I can’t find anything to fault on this track. Great music, great vocals, and best of all, a great groove. Another top-notch track. Score: 10

“Paranoid and Aroused” | If I had a nickel for every day that I have been paranoid and aroused, I would have a nickel for every day of my life. Another face-shredding track and I loved every moment. This is a song I got lost in and started my own one-man mosh pit, slamming into walls and tables. I don’t advise this—it really hurts. Great song, though. Score: 10

“Never Never” | Don’t kill me—but if Korn ever did a dance song, this would be it…but in a totally metal way. This song slowed things down a bit, but amped up the techno and took me back to my days when I would dance to industrial music at Club 1227. Score: 10

“Punishment Time” | Well, I guess there has to be one bad apple in every cart. This track would be that apple. I just didn’t get what they were trying to achieve. A bit schizophrenic, this track is all over the place. The only place is never got to was a good one. Score: 2

“Lullaby for a Sadist” | An interesting track. Well written and menacing in nature, this song serves as a type of ballad for Korn. Not my favorite track, but one that does deserve high marks. Score: 7

“Victimized” | A decent enough track. More of the same with crunchy riffs, ballsy rhythms, and kick-ass vocals. Am I becoming desensitized to the awesomeness of Korn? I may be getting too much of a good thing. Score: 8

“It’s All Wrong” | A breakup song from Korn? Is it possible? Well, if it is, then this is the most metal breakup song I have ever heard. I liked the lyrics, the music, and the energy of this track. I love when a band leaves and album the way they came in: kicking my ass. Score: 9

Average Track Score: 8.2 Would I recommend this to my friends? Hell to the yes. This is the whole reason I started this music blog: to find kick ass albums that I wouldn’t normally find otherwise. | Jim Ryan


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