Koester: The High Highs and the Low Lows (Pitch a Tent)

A slow-moving album for late night contemplation and loneliness. We are living in a time of flux, when metal is replacing earth and the CD has replaced the album. People’s emotions are regulated by the pills they take. The old ways of thinking are giving way to new ways of thinking. There is no middle ground anymore, only highs and lows, and that is where Koester comes in.

Koester revolves around singer/songwriter Steve Koester and features members of Sparklehorse and Maki. With the release of The High Highs the Low Lows, Koester takes us on a spacey and murky emotional ride. The music is a mixture of synthesizers and odd noises that, when mixed together, create an ambient, slow-paced space. Steve’s vocals place themselves over these textured sounds in a dark and, at times, poppy feel. For an album that is supposed to convey life’s high and lows, it never seems to travel from the middle grounds. Over time, this is an album that unfolds to show the darker feelings in life.

The High Highs the Low Lows is a slow-moving album for late night contemplation and loneliness. Once again, Koester has created a unique and engaging album, one that will not grip the listener immediately but will reveal itself slowly over time.

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