Kellie Pickler | The Woman I Am (Black River)

kellie-pickler-the-woman-i-am-album-2013The lyrics are flawless, the guitar work is amazing, and Kellie’s vocals are once again stunning.


“A Little Bit Gypsy” | There are just some songs that put me in a good mood. This is one of those songs. I liked the music and the lyrics are sharp, but the vocals are what caught my ear. Kellie’s voice sounds crazy good on this track. This is sure to be a radio hit. Score: 9

“Ring dor Sale” | Another fantastic track. The lyrics are flawless, the guitar work is amazing, and Kellie’s vocals are once again stunning. If this one does not climb the radio charts, something is wrong. Score: 10

“Buzzin’” | Um, no. I did not like this song—at all. The lyrics are too cutesy, the music was boring, and I thought the vocals were just OK. Next. Score: 0

“The Woman I Am” | A well-written ballad. Kellie serves up some emotional realness with her vocals and I am loving every moment of this track. Score: 10

“Closer to Nowhere” | A dreamy, well-written ballad. I got lost in the melody and loved Kellie’s vocals once again. What a charming album thus far. Score: 8

“Selma Driye” | A touching tribute to her grandmother—I think. I am not sure if what she is singing is the truth or not, but the vocals are just OK. A bit tinny for my personal taste. I don’t think I would ever go back to this song. Score: 4

“I Forgive You” | Um…wow. What a fabulous ballad. This one cut me pretty deep; actual tears were shed. There are the hardest words a person can say. Kellie punched me in the emotional gut with her flawless vocals. This is probably the best song—lyrically—I have heard in a long, long time. Score: 10

“Bonnie and Clyde” | Nothing really wrong with this song, but nothing really appealed to me musically. Filler track. She has better songs on the album. Score: 5

“Where Did Your Love Go” | I did not care for the main verses of this song. The chorus is nice and lovely, but I need more than just a good chorus. Score: 5

“No Cure for Crazy” | A fun, clever song. I have been waiting for Kellie to just let loose and on this track she is, well, crazy good. This is sure to be a hit with the drag queens and on the radio! Score: 10

“Tough All Over” | A decent ballad, but it is missing something. I just wasn’t able to get into the melody or the lyrics. Score: 5

“Someone Somewhere Tonight” | Now this ballad pulls on my heartstrings. Good lyrics always make me feel something. I love Kellie’s deep vocals on this track. An excellent way to end the album. Score: 10

Average Track Score: 7.2 Would I recommend this to my friends? Yes—proudly. Overall, this album is pretty sensational. | Jim Ryan


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