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Prism KP_75When Perry serves up positivity in her lyrics, I eat it up with a spoon.





Here is what I thought of Katy Perry’s album, Prism. Remember, all scores are out of a possible 10 points.

“Roar” – This single has been out for a while and burning up the charts. A really fun track, I have been tapping my inner drag queen as I belt out the chorus. Score: 9

“Legendary Lovers” – A high energy track with lots of Indian music throughout. I love the Indian rhythms, but I am not a fan of the “rapping” in the beginning. Score: 7

“Birthday” – I can appreciate the disco vibe of this track, but the lyrics are just a bit juvenile and overly sexy. I hate it when Perry goes sexual in her lyrics – it just seems cheap. I also really don’t like when she whispers “Happy Birthday.”

Score: 4

“Walking On Air” – This track gives me life! High energy dance rhythms and a kickass vocal performance make this my favorite track thus far. Score: 10

“Unconditionally” – I find this song to be emotionally therapeutic. The lyrics and the vocals blew me away. I wished my mother had sang me this song. In fact, I wish all parents would sing this song to their children. I wish I could sing this song to myself. Damn you Perry, why did you go and have to sing a song that makes me blubber like the stereotypical gay man that I am? Score: 10

“Dark Horse” – I like when Perry’s vocals mix with hip-hop beats; it gives her an edge. Perry’s vocals are dark, deep, and hypnotic. What I didn’t like was the rap section by Juicy J — left me bored. But the song did make me feel like sexy dancing, so that is something. Score: 5

“This Is How We Do” – Um, no. I don’t like this track. I don’t like the lyrics, the vocals, or the general vibe. It has a Ke$ha feel that annoyed me. You are better than this Perry. Score: 0

“International Smile” – A fun dance track. I had mixed feeling about the lyrics, but I love something I can shake my groove thing to and this track got me dancing. Score: 7

“Ghost” – A solid upbeat dance-like track. It really didn’t get me moving, but it held my attention. I am not sure how I feel about the lyrics, but the beat is good as are Katy’s vocals. Score: 8

“Love Me” – When Perry serves up positivity in her lyrics, I eat it up with a spoon. A self-empowerment type of song, I can see this being a hit with the younger generation. Great music and yet another great vocal delivery. Score: 9

“This Moment” – Another positive feel good track. I could listen to Perry’s voice all day as she gives this track a sense of freshness, light, and love. I can hear this being played at graduations, proms, and gay weddings. Score: 8

“Double Rainbow” – Meh. This is a 50/50 track for me. Nothing I hated except for the number of times she says, “Double Rainbow,” but nothing I loved. Feels like filler. Score: 5

“By The Grace Of God” A rather non-inspiring ballad. For the record I was all set to like this song from the beginning, but I just couldn’t grab onto it at any point. Score: 4

“Spiritual” – I got into the rhythms of this track. They moved quickly and had interesting turns. Perry does a good job with the vocals, but I keep going back to the music. It had a Seal, “Crazy” type of vibe. I like it! Score: 7

“It Takes Two” – Wow, the lyrics on this track are pretty amazeballs. They spoke to me and made me want to grow up. I love when Perry speaks the truth without being all preach. Every human being in a relationship needs to listen to this song. Score: 9

“Choose Your Battles” – The drums on this track remind me of the drums on “Unconditionally.” They add some texture to the track, but the arrangement bored me. Parts of this song held my attention, but other parts seemed uninspired. Score: 5

Average Track Score: 6.7. Would I recommend this album to my friends? Of course, but I would warn them about the pitfalls. | Jim Ryan @draglover


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