Katey Sagal | Covered (Entertainment One Music)

Katey Sagal_Covered_Cover_300I could listen to this voice all night. Pour me another one, Ms. Sagal.


“Free Fallin” | I wasn’t that crazy about this song when it originally came out, but this version has made me like it a bit more. I wasn’t super impressed with the main verses, but Katey’s vocals on the chorus brought me to life. Score: 6

“For a Dancer” | I wasn’t familiar with this Jackson Browne track, but Katey sang the hell out of this one. I love the texture of her voice as well as her tone. I could listen to this voice all night. Pour me another one, Ms. Sagal. Score: 9

“Follow the River” | Ooh! Miss Katey is serving soulful realness! I have no idea who did this song originally, but Katey is laying claim to it now. Once again, her voice gives me life. Score: 9

“Goodbye” | This Steve Earle song is just a depressing, slow-moving train that I wanted to get off. I can appreciate a depressing song, but even guest Jackson Browne couldn’t get me out of the doldrums. Score: 2

“I Love You but I Don’t Know What to Say” | Yes ma’am. This song hits all the right emotional notes and got me all misty eyed. I can totally see drunk people in rural bars dancing to this song as it blares from the jukebox. Love this song and love those vocals! Score: 10

“Gonna Take a Miracle” | I think I am in love. That is, with Miss Sagal’s voice. Serving up some ’60s girl group, I got lost in the velvet sounds of Katey’s vocals. Knowing which songs to cover on an album of this nature is crucial, and this is the best one by far. Score: 10

“Orphan Girl” | I am not exactly sure why, but I just didn’t care for this song. Maybe it was the bluegrass vibe, maybe it was the lyrics. But I can live forever without hearing this one again. Score: 2

“For Free” | I was so bored with this entire song that I can’t even come up with anything snarky to say about it. Wait, yes I can—NEXT! Score: 0

“Secret Heart” | What am I not getting about this song? It starts sad, wallows in sadness for most of the song, and then manages to get more sad. I was b-o-r-e-d the entire time. Next! Score: 0

“Roses & Cigarettes” | At least this one didn’t piss me off. Better than the last two but still majorly depressing. Why so sad, Katey? Are there no happy songs you like to sing? Why not do more girl group songs? You did better doing that genre. Score: 3

Average Track Score: 5.1 Would I recommend this to my friends? I can’t see that happening anytime soon. What a bummer—the album was starting to take off, but then nosedived at the end. | Jim Ryan


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