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cd_jupiter-one.jpgIt’s been a long time since I’ve heard a band as versatile as this Brooklyn foursome.







Jupiter One’s self-titled debut album will wow its listeners. It’s been a long time since I’ve heard a band as versatile as this Brooklyn foursome. They combine a variety of genres to create their own unique sound, which ranges from poppy, upbeat songs to slower, more mellow songs and also funky, experimental offerings.

The band cites the musical influence of David Bowie, The Police, Bloc Party and soul music of the ’70s. However, their music sounds more like pop-rock bands of the ’60s and ’80s. Much emphasis is placed on bass and drums, and the tracks are longer than usual. The band uses that extra time to add transitions and different facets to each song.

The intro leads into "Countdown," a catchy song that’s dominated by heavy drums, and its vocals are perfectly in sync with its beat. The lyrics say, "And so it begins…/ Countdown, can you think of a reason why you so love it downtown?/ I met you in the middle of the scandalous town/ It’s a miracle you’re walking around/ Countdown in a dark town, and so it begins…"  

"Mystery Man," one of the milder tracks on the album, changes things up with its initial slow tempo. It starts slow with its thoughtful lyrics and transitions into a faster, more upbeat song. This song is just one example of Jupiter One’s ability to make unique multidimensional songs.

While every song has its allure, the few tracks that stand out on this 13-track album are "Countdown," "Unglued," "Mystery Man," Wrong Line" and "Fire Away." For a debut album, Jupiter One covers a lot of ground and is sure to snag a bunch of listeners. A+ | Alex Bates

RIYL: The Police, Bloc Party

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