Josef Salvat | In Your Prime (Columbia)

cd josef-salvatIn Your Prime, while stretching outside of its genre, consists of new, original music with a unique sound that carries deep emotion.




There is no doubt that Josef Salvat is talented. His voice is unique; while listening to the EP, I could not think of another artist that sounds similar to him. His sound seems to be completely his own; I cannot even place it in a specific genre. It is classified as electro-pop, and while there are elements of pop, this EP is nowhere near the songs that radio stations today have on repeat. Salvat puts a lot of soul into his music along with electronic synthesizer-heavy music that creates the exclusive sound of electro-pop.

Where Josef Salvat falls short, however, is that his music is for a very specific audience. When I hear “pop,” I immediately think of upbeat, happy, exciting music that I can dance to. Adding “electro” doesn’t change my perception much other than to add thoughts of club music. In Your Prime is none of these things. While full of soul, Salvat’s songs are a bit depressing. That is not necessarily a bad thing, because Salvat definitely delivers on the emotional front, and he even creates a new niche in the electro-pop genre and is widening the definition of that genre. However, genre-specific fans have their definition of their genre when they search for new music; to that end, In Your Prime may be a disappointment to electro-pop fans not looking for something new that doesn’t follow their original idea and perception of the genre.

I have to be in a very specific mood to listen to In Your Prime. I wouldn’t want it to come on the radio or on my iPod shuffle because it doesn’t go along with the mood I’m typically in while driving or casually listening to the radio as I move about the house. This is an EP I would listen to on a rainy day or pull out when I’m sad, but I don’t see myself having a desire to hear this music often.

I would like to note that I do like the music. Musically, the songs are very interesting and the lyrics are good. I’m impressed with the new level of emotion Salvat brought to Rihanna’s song, “Diamonds.” However, there are many elements that make up good music, and for In Your Prime, as a whole I don’t feel that it is good enough to get widespread attention. I think “Shoot and Run” in particular would fit very well in a dramatic scene of a film or playing during the credits of a movie, but upon hearing that in the theater, people are not likely to run home and download it.

Although I cannot place the target audience of In Your Prime and I don’t want to listen to the EP often or on repeat, I will not discredit the talent, emotion, and uniqueness that Salvat pours into his EP. B- | Samantha LaBat

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