John Boy’s Courage | The Fall Precaution (s/r)

cd_jbcCoupled with emotional lyrics and sensual vocals, the end result is masterful, melodic poetry.






Listening to The Fall Precaution provokes sensations akin to the upsurge of serotonin into the bloodstream after a bout of ardent lovemaking. The album works its way into the bloodstream with sultry "Changing Seasons," a poetic piece that invokes images of sweat and tears dripping down singer Todd Sarvies' face as he laments the incessancy of life's constancy. Fading into "Still," Sarvies' whispery voice melts delectably against the symphonic rhythm of drums complimented by an unusual blend of instrumentals. For the first time, the hint of an oceanic quality is introduced to JBC's music. The breathy conclusion of the second track is climactic and satisfying, setting itself apart dramatically with a thought-provoking pause followed by whispery vocals.

The Fall Precaution gains momentum throughout the album with exhaustingly emotional lyrics and unique musical supplements. The traditional acoustic guitar, drums, and bass are sweetly supplemented by sultry vocals and a composition of divinely coalescent instrumentals. "Wronging," "Puppets," and "Rain or Shine" incorporate the use of static as a musical apparatus, coupled with powerful lyrics: "a kiss that's a lie/ just sure ain't the kind/ that makes feeling worthwhile."

The collaboration of these powerful entities evokes an appropriate dose of nostalgia mirroring the static of a failed relationship. "Proven" further captures the emotions of ardent adoration with the mournful reverberation of gentle thumping in the background.

The distinctive sound delivered by John Boy's Courage is a pleasant compliment to mainstream pop. Coupled with emotional lyrics and sensual vocals, the end result is masterful, melodic poetry. A | Amanda Pelle

RIYL: Bo Bice, Creed, Hoobastank

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