Jimi Goodwin | Odludek (Pias Recordings)

cd jimi goodwinThis is still the voice of Doves, so if you’re a fan of the band, you’re a fan of Odludek.

“I wanted to make this mad mixtape, the kind you’d pass back and forth with your mates; eclectic as fuck. That’s the way we’ve all discovered music over the years isn’t it? We join our own dots to make it all make sense. As I got into making the record, it felt like I was proving something to myself, making a point that I could do all this on my own. You know – I can play bass, I can play guitar, I can orchestrate. As the methods changed, the original concept stayed intact. It’s me, powering through ideas, kapow kapow, no pause for breath. It’s not trying to be wilfully eclectic; it’s just a reflection of how I schizophrenically devour music.” —Jimi Goodwin

Yes, it’s that Jimi Goodwin, the frontman of voice of British indie rock’s Doves. By going solo, he wanted to prove that he had the skills to do all himself: write, arrange, play, and oh yes, does he. Odludek something of a mishmash of styles; rather than distracting from the overall whole, each song stretches Goodwin’s repertoire and expands the listener’s appreciation of his vast talent.

“Terracotta Warrior” kicks off the album with a blast of sound before becoming a high-energy song that never strays from front and center. After that wall of glorious noise comes “Didsbury Girl,” a heartbreakingly beautiful song fully worthy of a best-selling Doves album. The electronic-based “Live Like a River” is sure to become a fast favorite, with its long, fevered intro and relentless pace. “Man v. Dingo” combines dance club techno and Big Band horns to create the most in-your-face track on the album. First single “Oh! Whiskey” perfectly captures Goodwin’s mindset when writing the album (see quote above); graced with harmonica and a purposefully strummed acoustic guitar. “Lonely at the Drop” is both laidback and frenetic, which somehow works.

In addition to this lovely offering, other mellower tracks include the string-filled “Hope,” the piano-driven “Keep My Soul in Song,” the Irish ditty–sounding “Panic Tree,” and the meandering “Ghost of the Empties.”

Don’t get me wrong: This is still the voice of Doves, so if you’re a fan of the band, you’re a fan of Odludek. While some of the songs could have gone on a full-band album, others are clearly the singer’s own creation. What results is a refreshingly irreverent album sure to keep you on your toes. A- | Laura Hamlett

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