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cd_jets-under-fire.jpgYou simply can’t listen to "Just Like the Cold" without falling head over heels; it’s that captivating.







Austin’s Jets Under Fire have released an inviting, smooth and easy indie rock-pop album. The disc’s a mostly mellow collection of 11 feel-good tracks, a comfortable and easy listen.

Kicking off the disc is "Broken Parts." It’s mellow, an easy introduction to the tracks which are to follow. "We’ve been filled with broken parts/ you know and I know/ we’ve been broken from the start," sings Jason Poe (vocals, guitar, keys). Up next is the catchy and high-energy "Where Do We Go From Here," ready made for the pivotal scene in the next big romantic comedy. After the sweet and slowed down "All the Sad Songs" (with Poe’s gentle and seemingly effortless falsetto — nice) is the radio-ready "Just Like the Cold." You simply can’t listen to this song without falling head over heels; it’s that captivating. The guitar line alone will stick in your head for days, and you’ll soon find yourself humming along to the refrain.

"Emerald Eyes" has a bit of a rustic feel to it, partially because the vocals seem rootsier, more universal. The ethereal falsetto of "Circles," combined with its hook-y refrain, make this easily one of the top songs on the disc. Up next, "The End" is also uber-catchy, a foot tapper if ever there was one. "Ooh ooh ooh"s kick off the song, itself accented by handclaps and snappy guitar work. "We want something to make us feel/ we want something to let us heal/ we want something to make us real," sings Poe wisely.

"My love is poison/ my love is blind," goes the refrain on "Moonlight"; following "Ships on the Sea," the mellow "Your Own Hands" closes out the disc with a gentle goodnight.

Rounding out this trio are Todd Meador (bass, keys, vocals) and Corbin Peterson (drums, vocals). Though Poe’s voice is often middling and grows somewhat repetitive, the disc as a whole is an inviting and enjoyable listen. And, really, with songs as good as "Just Like the Cold" and "The End," it’s totally worth more than a few spins. B | Laura Hamlett

RIYL: Keane, Howie Day, Coldplay

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