Jason Derulo | Talk Dirty (Warner Bros.)

talkdirtyderuloDerulo is one of those artists who is able to make music for everyone, using every genre, from hip-hop to pop and R&B.

Talk Dirty (previously titled Tattoos) is for the lovers— lovers of the good life, a person, and freedom. Listening to Derulo’s third studio album, I’m certain that Derulo is one of those artists who is able to make music for everyone, using every genre, from hip-hop to pop and R&B.

“Jason…Jason Derulo,” a female voice says as the horns blow featuring a little percussion. With a little backup from 2 Chainz, the album’s title track details the singer’s extravagant life as an international superstar, and the women he encounters along the way. “Been around the world/ Don’t speak the language, but your booty don’t need explaining/ All I really need to understand is when you talk dirty to me.”

Derulo has an obvious love for the female body (especially her booty), which he sings about on “Wiggle” with Snoop Dogg and “Bubblegum” with Tyga. “Trumpets” introduces us to less superficial side of the artist as he sings about his adoration for his lover. Between the vibrant instruments and Derulo’s falsetto, this song earns an immediate pause to listen and really absorb how he feels about his love, which is displayed through every facet of this song.

When I first heard “Vertigo” via the Walmart Soundcheck live performance, I immediately wanted to also experience this feeling of a lover’s vertigo. Featuring his now ex-girlfriend Jordin Sparks, the chemistry in the “Vertigo” performance alone was enough to make me fall in love with this song. This track is filled with so much passion, which is even more evident when Sparks begins singing the second verse. There’s a perfect balance of vulnerability and strength in this song, as is displayed throughout the entire album. “Vertigo” is so emblazoned in love that it feels impossible that the two who created this amazing chemistry are no longer together.

“Kama Sutra” (featuring Kid Ink) oddly sounds like the reason Derulo and Sparks parted ways, as he proclaims he’s not ready to settle just yet. “Zipper” is one of my favorites on the album; the mid-tempo and the lyrics all work together to create the perfect dance song. I find myself moving my hips to the beat every time I listen to it. The dancing doesn’t stop there, though, as “The Other Side” and “With the Lights On” keep me moving, too. These two tracks showcase Derulo’s versatility as an artist, with the electronic beat and pop feel of the former and a more hip-hop sound on the latter.

Simmering down from the dance tracks, Talk Dirty makes a seamless transition to ballads with the upbeat “Stupid Love,” in which the singer lists all the things he would do for his love, in spite of how it may change others’ perception of him. The sweetest ballad on the whole album is, of course, “Marry Me.” The video also features Sparks as Derulo promises that, when he gets himself figured out, he’ll make her his wife, as he can’t see himself living without her.

Talk Dirty is an album that puts together how love and success can coincide, but how each require patience and understanding. Jason Derulo is an extremely versatile artist who balances his singing on every song. Bonus tracks “Tattoos” and “Fire,” the latter featuring Pit Bull, are a nice addition to the 13 tracks. Derulo knows how to use his vocals as a means to establish cohesion and identity in every track he sings, and that’s more powerful than anything. B+ | Ashley White

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