Jamie Foxx | Hollywood: Story of a Dozen Roses (RCA)

cd jamie-foxxThe entire album is flowing with emotion.



A wonderful collection from Jamie Foxx, Hollywood: Story of a Dozen Roses is a beautiful love letter. While explicit in lyrics and material, this album is not degrading to women, and it’s awesome. Most of the songs are slow jams; it’s a great soundtrack for lovemaking, a quiet night in with a glass of wine, or a candlelit bubble bath.

If you’re looking for something a little more upbeat, Foxx does include “Tease” featuring Pharrell and “Baby’s in Love” featuring Kid Ink, both of which have a bit more of that dance-y, club vibe. The album also includes tracks with Chris Brown, Wale, and Fabolous. Each of his famous friends adds some flair to the album while keeping it classically Jamie Foxx.

His voice of velvet croons “I can’t believe it’s over/ I left my heart in Hollywood/ nothing left to say but goodbye” on one of my favorite tracks, “Hollywood.” He goes on to praise a beautiful woman in “Socialite,” singing, “She look like my wife, everything I want/ perfect body type, she a 101/ she can talk that shit, she can back it up/ she don’t play no game if you’re acting up.”

The best track on the album by far is “In Love by Now,” a beautiful soft ballad Foxx sings with a simple piano accompaniment. The entire album is flowing with emotion, but it really comes through on this song. Foxx has a story to tell, and completely pours his heart out in this song. This album is worth listening to all the way though. A | Samantha LaBat

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