In Letter Form | Fracture, Repair, Repeat (Metropolis)

Lyrically, the work is grim and unashamed, even narcissistic at times.


The newest music from In Letter Form comes to us by way of their new album, Fracture, Repair, Repeat. Reminiscent of artists like Joy Division, Bauhaus, early Cure, and more recent bands like 69 Eyes, In Letter Form brings to life a fantastic LP. Stylistically, it sounds like a ‘80s band that had what it took, but never caught on. Sprinkle that with a modern production effort, and you at once get a dark, intelligent album.

The band—composed of James Levis on guitar, Andres Lopez on drums and percussion, Peter Dosanjh on bass, and Eric Miranda (principal songwriter) on lead vocals, synths, and guitar—produced the album themselves, set on a mission of what the finished product would sound like. While their influences may be obvious, the album has almost a nostalgic feeling to it, bringing to the surface a genre of music that did not survive very long: rock noir. While a select few did break into the mainstream—namely, the Cure—this 1980s-born sound was quickly overshadowed by the oncoming onslaught of British New Wave.

The 11 tracks offered up here blend quite well together, giving the album a nice flow. Lyrically, the work is grim and unashamed, even narcissistic at times, witnessed on tracks like “Won’t Get the Best of Me,” a darkly melodic song with a great vocal. “Wait Now” is an upbeat ode to the death of a relationship, and how time has no hold on love,

Though reminiscent of that early- to mid-1980s era, Fracture, Repair, Repeat retains its own freshness and style. Brooding tunes like “III” show that this is a band to watch. Their tight production, excellent material, and ability to bring that to life are gifts to all who listen. In Letter Form has the potential to be another band famous for its genre and sound. B | Marc Farr

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