I Love Math | Getting to the Point Is Beside It (Glurp)

cd_i-love-math.jpgThis is still a one-of-a-kind straightforward album that everyone should check out.







I Love Math’s sophomore release, Getting to the Point Is Beside It, is as simple and to the point as the band intended it to be.

This foursome from Dallas created a happy, infectious album that doesn’t dress itself up to be anything that it’s not. Their music blends a variety of genres, including folk, country and rock, that neatly flow together. The album doesn’t suffer because of its simplicity, but rather gains its uniqueness. But every album is not without its commonalities. Getting to the Point‘s commonalities stem from its familiar melodies that are easily recognizable from other bands’ songs. Acoustic guitar is a staple in every song, but other instruments such as a harmonica, tambourines, synthesizers and bells are added to sustain the album’s folky, cheerful tone.

First track "Some Bridges Are for Burning" has more of an old-country feel to it that is pleasant, and the lyrics are simply stated and relatable. It says, "Some keys are for throwing away instead of turning/ Some people are for knowing/ Some bridges are for burning down to the ground/ I’ll be the first to cheer the sound." One of the best tracks, "This Is Something I Might Miss," is driven by the sound of its synthesizer and keyboard. "These Paper Walls" closes out the vocals with a slower-paced song that opens with the sound of fireworks and people cheering.

Despite some of the final songs’ somewhat monotone vocals, this is still a one-of-a-kind straightforward album that everyone should check out. A | Alex Bates

RIYL: The Shins, Rooney

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