Horrendous | Anareta (Dark Descent)

cd HorrendousMy love for this band grows ever so much deeper.



One of the heaviest-hitting artists of the underground death metal scene, Horrendous are back with another full-length album, and little over a year later from their last major success Ecdysis. Greek mythos is the blueprint for this album, what with the track names and the lyrical content presented. While maintaining the mythological theme, they also are able to create a journey of self-actualization—or succumbing to the darkness, if you will.

While Ecdysis had a more melancholic tone to it, as well as very long and hard hooks/licks that kept you locked in, Anareta flips the formula and pushes a heavy assault of quick and aggressive bars, while also creating hooks that end up being shorter, but higher in quantity. Bass has been and always will be a strong suit for Horrendous, and this album’s use of an instrument that needs more limelight is impressive, to say the least. I remember speaking with the members earlier in the year about it, and they simply put it as treating the instrument with the same care a band would put into the lead guitars: simply genius.

Damian Herring’s and Matt Knox’s vocals are just as brutal as they’ve ever been. Although it took me a few listens to differentiate whose vocals were on what track, after a while you do get used to it: Herring’s vocals have a bit more of a deepened, deadly, and rounded growl, while Knox’s harken back to a classic death metal tone. It’s powerful, it’s entertaining, and most importantly it’s original.

Anareta manages to take Horrendous just a step higher in an excellent direction. That the album was created in just a year’s time is beyond respectable, and my love for this band grows ever so much deeper. A+ | Marcus Mercer

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