Gulp | Season Sun (Sonic Cathedral)

Gulp 75

I mean it when I say the bass is loud and fuzzy.


You don’t hear a lot of psychedelic, feel-good music these days, which is a bummer since most people cast the musical style aside as being too hippie or “flower-power.” Correctly adding a relaxed, psychedelic undertone to your music can make your tunes not only catchy but relaxing. Gulp found a way to do just that on their debut LP Season Sun.

Gulp is the side project of Super Furry Animals (SFA) bassist Guto Pryce and singer/keyboardist Lindsey Leven. Gulp carries a similar sound to SFA but with a more toned-down sound. This album is calmer and has much more of a low-tone, bass influence (which comes as no surprise). And I mean it when I say the bass is loud and fuzzy.

This album’s strength comes in how simple it is—how it sort of drifts by you, yet still resonates. Season Sun stays catchy and vibrant as it carries on until the end. Not only that, but adding the twist of free-love, or whatever the band saw it as, worked. It’s feel-good music at its prime. B+ | Alex Wilking

Standout Tracks: “Game Love,” “Vast Space,” “Seasoned Sun”

RIYL: Super Furry Animals, Grimes

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