Goodbye Girl Friday: Mr. and Mrs.

The title track shows Sherman’s abilities as sharp lyricist.

Goodbye Girl Friday have an interesting sound. Musically, they lean toward a jazz flavor, not unlike Steely Dan. But vocally, it would seem singer David Sherman would be much more at home fronting a straight ahead power pop band. Lucky for us, though he and bassist Dan Grennes and drummer Andy Sanesi opted to try something a bit different. And the results are, at times, fabulous.

The juxtaposition of Sherman’s voice and Goodbye Girl Friday’s music doesn’t always work for me, but when it does work (as on the opening track, “Summer-Dusted Mind”), it’s incredibly good. Other standouts on the nine-song CD are “Big Red Bong” and “Another Martini Please” (which could be counted as two tracks for a total of ten with its split personality and clocking in at eight minutes.) While not one of my favorite songs on the CD, the title track “Mr. and Mrs.” does show Sherman’s abilities as sharp lyricist.

Goodbye Girl Friday are obviously talented musicians and they have managed to carve out a unique sound, which is especially refreshing these days. But the pairing of Sherman’s vocals against Good Girl Friday’s jazz-influenced music may not be unique enough to carry them forever. So the question becomes, where will they go from here? I am looking forward to finding out.

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