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cd_gliss.gifSomehow, almost every song here seems a favorite in its own right.



The funny thing is, Jim says we saw these guys at South by Southwest. He says we liked ‘em; personally, I have no recollection. What I do know, though, is that I like this album. Devotion Implosion is a blissful, fuzzed-out, shoegaze-y second offering from this Los Angeles threesome. Apparently Billy Corgan liked the band enough to take them on a tour of Europe with him; since then, their star has only continued to rise.

Opening track "Morning Light" hits the listener in full Jesus and Mary Chain feedback mode. It drones and it meanders; it’s a low-impact way to introduce the album. Next up, "29 Acts of Love" is full steam ahead; while it doesn’t take the shoe from the gaze, it will definitely get those soles a-tappin’. "Sleep" is an exercise in ethereal, a song that sounds like it just may bring about its title. There’s more than a nod at Dandy Warhols here; sure, it’s nothing new — but if it’s good, who’s complaining?

"Beauty" is the obvious single here; it’s radio ready, slightly soaring and optimistic sounding. (It also rather reminds me of now-defunct St. Louis band Lapush; odd.)Vocalist Hutch Harris has a somewhat lazy delivery style; you can picture him lids half open, slouched over the microphone; it just fits. "Anybody Inside" actually builds to a wall of sound on the refrain, making the band sound bigger than just three members.

Somehow, almost every song here seems a favorite in its own right. "Lovers in the Bathroom" has a clubby underbelly, vividly conjuring a dark and smoky room with colored lights crisscrossing overhead. The music of the refrain is utterly intoxicating. With its "ooh-oohs" and tambourine slaps, "Sad Eyes" must be related to the Dandys; it’s instantly familiar, maybe too much so. Though it’s not bad, "The Patrol" is all too forgettable.

Somehow, the slow drone of the next track, "Love Songs," is a welcome return, capturing Gliss at its best and most brilliant. Disc closer "Sister Sister" keeps the tempo down and ties things neatly together. Yeah, maybe the songs run together too much, and maybe there’s less innovation and more imitation, but damn it, this is still an enjoyable listen from a talented and rising trio. Next time I see them I will remember, I promise. A- | Laura Hamlett

RIYL: My Bloody Valentine, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

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