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cd ghostWhether their image is real or simply a gimmick matters not.




The highly anticipated third album from Sweden’s latest export, Ghost, has been unleashed. Meliora is a 10-track onslaught of satanic metal. Heavier than the band’s sophomore release, Infesstimum, the new album also features Papa Emeritus III—who replaced Papa Emeritus II—on lead vocals. The idea behind the band is that Papa is the star, backed by phenomenal musicians known as the Nameless Ghouls, of which there are five. With all the hype surrounding this band and this album, one wonders…do they follow through? Do they deliver the goods?

In a word, a resounding yes! Meliora is a brilliant album, fraught with heavy, yet melodic tunes; the band has made a platter worthy of much praise. Not since Marilyn Manson’s Antichrist Superstar has a band released such a blasphemous set of recordings, but it’s all par for the course. What they truly offer here is a new breed of heavy metal: barely distorted guitars, thundering drums, and riffs to die for. Technically proficient, Ghost possesses undeniable talent in the realm of songcrafting.

Opening the album is “Spirit,” an ode to the highly alcoholic drink absinthe. Known for use by such artists as Manson and Edgar Allen Poe, the green-hued beverage is known for invoking hallucinations. The track is blistering, opening the album in a grand fashion. Vocally, Papa Emeritus III is not much different from his predecessor. With a beautiful tenor voice, Papa III does the material great justice.

Whether their image is real or simply a gimmick matters not. The music proves that this is much more than just another satanic band. This band has great talent, and the material here is testament to that fact. With tracks like “From the Pinnacle to the Pit,” a thunderous song about the fall of Lucifer, and the first single from the album, “Cirice,” this album rages.

Accompanying a vocal that is almost ethereal, the guitar work here is amazing. The band is tight and precise, with an expert production courtesy of Klas Ahlund. Combine this with a precision rhythm section, and you come out with an album to be reckoned with.

Behind the makeup and masks lies a band with definitive talent. Meliora is the album metal fans have been waiting for, and it delivers in a superb way. A+ | Marc Farr

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