Fractured Army | Bluebird vs. Redbird EP (s/r)

cd_fractured-army.jpgLead singer Kory Kunze and female vocalist Jessica Spitzer have smooth, intertwining vocals.







With twinkling bells, hearty handclaps and a "Here we go," Fractured Army’s debut Bluebird vs. Redbird is rolling down the track with "Funeral Train." The EP’s title is a quaint nod to the split residence of its members between Illinois and Missouri’s flowing border (see: state birds).

This Midwestern band is just getting past its honeymoon phase during which many bands face a possible break up or an artistic tantrum. Thankfully, the only split they have endured was a mere name change, from the former The Analysts. For Fractured Army’s first delicious taste of a recording studio, they come out with a solid morsel of what can be heard from the live show. Being a live show enthusiast, I’m happy to report not much is lost here for a band known for its solid performances.

Lead singer Kory Kunze and female vocalist Jessica Spitzer have smooth, intertwining vocals throughout Bluebird vs. Redbird. Kunze’s husky, subtle delivery allows the listener to appreciate the well-crafted lyrics. The crisp percussion and up-tempo rhythm section winds itself snugly around the vocals with good bass lines and additional instrumentation from melodica, claves, bells, synthesizers and tambourine.

Bluebird can leave you feeling a little torn in what sound you like better. The first couple tracks have a lighter quality, and the latter ones have a heavier edge that tend to shine just a little brighter. "Hold On Kid" brings out a more urgent vibe. With the lyric " Anjou, Anjou, Anjou, why did you have to?" "Anjou" harkens back to Iggy Pop’s classic line, "Candy, candy, candy, I can’t let you go," thus ending the record on a high note while wishing there was just one more song. (Sigh.) A- | Mary Beth Hascall

RIYL: Joy Division, New Order, Iggy Pop, The Pixies

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