Five for Fighting | Bookmarks (Wind-Up)

fff bookmarksDid they just form this band for the sole purpose of getting women?


“Stand Up” | Wow, way to start off the album with a filler track. Nothing really wrong with this one but it did not command my attention. Next. Score: 5

“What If” | I liked the lyrics on this track and the music was interesting, but I am just not that in love with this song. But I will give points for the lyrics; good lyrics are always the way to my heart. Score: 7

“Heaven Knows” | This album is growing on me with each track. A lovely song from start to finish, but it still lacks the emotional punch. That said, the lyrics are standout. Score: 7

“Down” | For real? C’mon, guys—I like a soft, sensitive ballad, but this song is just too wimpy even for me. If you are going to go this route, man up just a bit. Score: 3

“I Don’t Want Your Love” | To me, this song’s melody is too reminiscent of “To Make You Feel My Love.” So points off for that. Then there are the wimpy vocals—oh, sweet Jesus. This song is a pass. Score: 0

“Road to You” | Well, at least this one is original. More filler; nothing special. Score: 4

“She’s My Girl” | The lyrics on this one made me LOL for real. Did they just form this band for the sole purpose of getting women? Well, they didn’t form it to rock, that’s for sure. Score: 0

“Symphony Lane” | I liked this track very much. It has depth, interesting melodies, and decent lyrics. It doesn’t feel like it belongs on this album due to its interesting nature. Score: 8

“You’ll Never Change” | At first I thought this would be a radio single—then it all went to hell. The falsetto vocals are a major turnoff and the lyrics are lackluster. What a pity. Score: 2

“Your Man” | This is the radio hit off this album. Great music, a fun vocal delivery, and interesting melodies. The only downfall are the lyrics; they made my mangina hurt. Score: 7

“The Day I Died” | I totally bought into the emotional realness of this vocal performance. It doesn’t matter the lyrics are not all that great; it was the fact that I felt something when I listened to this song. Score: 8

“Rebel” | Well at least they ended with something interesting. This track reminded me of Ben Folds Five—it kind of rocked and wasn’t wimpy. Score: 7

Average Track Score: 5.3 Would I recommend this to my friends? Hell no. There is just not enough compelling material on this album to garner a recommendation. | Jim Ryan


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