Feathers | Synchromy (Hometapes)

It's sort of the "post toasties" of post rock.


cd_feathersThey may be called Feathers, but this Miami-based instrumental trio generates a musically heavy vibe on Synchromy, the second of a planned EP trilogy. The five heavily layered compositions here ebb and flow, but they surge more than anything, on a current of analog keyboards, synths of every description, vibes, and a killer rhythm section.

Eddie Alonso, Matt Crum, and Eric Rasco evidently never met a keyboard (or a tempo shift) they didn't like, so this is one busy little 20-minute disc. It's sort of the "post toasties" of post rock. "Skara Brain" is a mix of '70s krautrock and Tortoise-like discipline. The Tortoise comparison is more than apt, as John McEntire from that acclaimed band contributes drums, EMS, and production assistance here (plus, the disc was recorded partly in Chicago, where McEntire has a studio).

"Tone Poem" is well-named; you can hear verses being rendered in the cool sonics here. "Iron Mountain" begins sort of noisily, but turns into a punchy rocker with ace piano work and diverse percussion, including a few handclaps for good measure. The best song is probably "AP (Parenthe) – Synthesis." This piece feels truly anchored-the rhythm section and keyboards are evenly matched, chugging along at a listener-friendly tempo before spacing out at the end. And "Mint Cairo" sounds enough like Tortoise that you could fool the casual fan. This tune is laced with lively strings, marimba, and the requisite synths, with a distinctive tempo shift that pulls the tune into High Llamas territory.

That ain't no bad thing; in fact, it's uplifting. But it's hard to get a feel for the overall musical direction of the band. They're fine players, but there's an overeagerness to the proceedings here that slightly dampens the potential. Still, this is vibrant, listenable instrumental work, and it zips by so quickly, most listeners won't have time to get bored. B

RIYL: Tortoise, High Llamas, Yellow Magic Orchestra

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