Eleni Mandell | Miracle of Five (zedtone)

mandellMandell writes nice uncomplicated songs that are sticky – they stay with you.





Eleni Mandell wants us to waltz and I am not one to say no. With a voice and production that, at first, reminds the listener of Lisa Germano with a touch of early Liz Phair (minus the potty mouth), Mandell has a soft, sweet sound that will crawl inside you and make those hairs stand up on the back of your neck. Miracle of Five is at its best when setting up the atmosphere with big assured guitars and a nice little horn section to back up her sweet smoky voice, as on "My Twin."

Mandell writes nice uncomplicated songs that are sticky – they stay with you. "Miracle of Five" the title track is one of the most perfect love songs I have heard in some time. (The referred to five is for the fingers of a lover.) With a few words she paints lovely scenes as on "Perfect Stranger":

Desert, hot wind blowing through
Feet are dangling in the pool
Wee small hours
Summer swoon
I'm a perfect stranger, too

Mandell, understated, but confident with her singing and writing, leaves a warm image in our mind on this album. The CD version of comfort food and a warm hug. Share it with someone you love. | Jim Dunn

RIYL: Lisa Germano 


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