Echosmith | Talking Dreams (Warner Bros)

echosmithWhat a delightful song: Catchy, fun to listen to, and it made me giggly.


“Come Together” | What a fun song. I liked the music, the vocals, and the whole vibe. This song makes me feel excited to hear more from this band. Score: 8

“Let’s Love” | Another fun song! This one filled my heart with glee and made me dance like Snoopy—for real. I love the male/female vocals! Score: 10

“Cool Kids” | I liked the cool vibe of this song but could have done without the repetitive lyrics. The vocals are nice, but for real kids, write more than a few lyrics. Score: 6

“March into the Sun” | What a delightful song: Catchy, fun to listen to, and it made me giggly. This could be a radio hit if they got rid of the small downbeat section in the middle. Score: 8

“Come With Me” | I am on the fence about this one. The music is a bit wonky in places and the lyrics left me in a blah mood. Filler track. Score: 5

“Bright” | This song is adorable. The lyrics and the vocals are heartfelt. I just don’t know if I would ever seek this one out to hear again. Score: 7

“Talking Dreams” | I love how this song moves. Great music and fun vocals and most importantly – an impressive 80’s vibe. This one is one of my favorites of the album. Score: 9

“Tell Her You Love Her” | The main verses are the star of this track, heartfelt and emotionally real. The chorus took me out of the moment; it just went in too much of a different direction. Score: 6

“Ran off in the Night” | Ugh, another repetitive lyric song. I just don’t care for these kinds of songs. The only reason I am giving this one some points is because I am obsessed with the lead singer’s vocals. Score: 4

“Nothing’s Wrong” | Um, no. This song bored me. Just hit next. Score: 0

“Safest Place” | It happened again. I thought this would be a fantastic radio hit and they put in this downbeat section which took me out my enjoyment zone. Well, that and the very ending—kind of pretentious. Score: 6

“Surround You” | I love the tenderness of the vocals and the lyrics. The music has some spots that left me cold, but overall a beautiful love song. Score: 7

“Up to You” | This is the first of two bonus songs on the album and I think it merits not being called a bonus track. Fun music and excellent vocals make this upbeat track one of my favorites. Score: 9

“We’re Not Alone” | Another bonus track and another song that is leaps and bounds better than most of the tracks on the album. I wonder whose decision it is to make these bonus tracks. Score: 8

Average Track Score: 6.0. Would I recommend this to my friends? Absolutely. This album is a breath of fresh air. | Jim Ryan


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