Eastern Conference Champions | Nice Clean Shirt single (Fontana/Geffen)

Eastern Conference Champions is a trio that sounds thoroughly British yet hails from Pennsylvania.


I tend to not hold bands responsible for incorporating obvious influences into their music—that is, as long as I enjoy the music they're making. I suppose this makes me a poor music critic. But I tend to see myself more as an appreciator and reviewer than critic. If I could make it myself, I would, right?

In the case of Eastern Conference Champions—a trio that sounds thoroughly British yet hails from Pennsylvania—their music is what would result from a party hosted by Radiohead and Clinic, with Talking Heads' David Byrne in the DJ booth. "Nice Clean Shirt" is take-no-prisoners indie rock, balls-to-the-wall and thoroughly addictive. After the electrical storm that is the title track, "Gucci No. 3" introduces pianos and vocals that are a little less in the mix crooning, "I left the money on the bureau/ I got the ladder in my hand." "Hollywood" is slower, softer (the accompanying female vocals are a dead giveaway on that point) but just as enticing, a tale of the woes befalling the rich and famous.

If singles and EPs are out to whet appetites and inspire further listening, then this one has surely done its job. More, please. A | Laura Hamlett

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