Dum Dum Girls | End of Daze EP (Sub Pop)

cd dum-dum-girlsThe EP is full of heavy bass lines and meaningless, overwhelming vocals that never seem to fit.


A few years ago, it seemed like there was a new hip band popping up each week, filling your favorite blog source with plenty of new additions and sounds that were exciting, and seemed to point to a resurgence in independent artists. So what happened? Here it is 2012 and it seems like the bubble burst. More people are talking about electronic artists and ’80s sounds than I care to admit. So is it any surprise that indie super group Dum Dum Girls has gone in the same route? To me, no.

Granted, an EP is just a teaser, but in the old world of 45s, you had to make them legitimate. In the digital age, EPs are beginning to feel more like a single with rejects from the album. End of Daze feels like a reject compilation. The highlight of the five-track failure would be “Lord Knows,” which sounds more suited for a Top 40 listener than someone actually wanting quality music. The rest of the EP is in the same vein: heavy bass lines and meaningless, overwhelming vocals that never seem to fit.

Usually if I don’t like a recording I try to find the highlights and touch on them, but it is difficult when I have tried and tried but can’t make it through five songs. Maybe it is just me, though; maybe I am cynical. I remember the days when bands had to compete, when there were a ton of great artists fighting for the minuscule share of record sales that no longer matter. Nowadays you download a track, maybe two, put the file on your favorite digital playing device, and hit shuffle. The days of albums seem to be all but forgotten—but enough of that rant.

End of Daze does a great job of recreating stereotypical ’80s sounds while modernizing them just enough to call the songs original—if that is what you are into. I say don’t waste your time and pick up an actual classic, but if you are a fan of this formerly decent band, cool. Go grab the EP and tell me what I am missing, because to me, this is a waste of Sub Pop’s money. You know, the label that used to be independent… F | Alex Hodschayan

RIYL: Cocteau Twins, Best Coast, Crystal Stilts

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