Dropkick Murphys | Signed and Sealed in Blood (Born & Bred)

dropkick-murphys-signed-and-sealed-in-bloodI can only hope that my wake will be this festive.


“The Boys Are Back” | This is the first time I have ever heard this group and all I can say is “Wow!” The energy of this song is off the charts, the chorus kicked my ass, and I had fun the entire length of this song. I hope they can keep up this energy. Score: 10

“Prisoner’s Song” | Another great track. How do they create such a wall of sound? Aren’t there only four of them? I would love to see this song live in concert. I wish I was Irish. Score: 10

“Rose Tattoo” | I love the epic nature of this song. But what I love most are the lyrics: They tell a story! Have we forgotten how important storytelling is? This song instantly got me singing the chorus, which made me like it even more. Score: 10

“Burn” | This song does burn! Just when I think they might slow things down, these boys turn up the heat. I liked so much about this track, but it does lack the emotional hook I crave. Score: 8

“Jimmy Collins’ Wake” | I can only hope that my wake will be this festive. Love the fun spirit of this song. These boys just sound great and make great music. Score: 10

“The Season’s Upon Us” | A Christmas song from DM? I am in love with this twisted holiday track. It is so dark, so fun, so not your typical holiday cheer. But I loved every moment of it and it shall be blasted out of my car windows until Christmas is over. Score: 10

“The Battle Rages on” | Another rip-and-burn track. Strangely enough, these types of songs from DM are not my favorites. A decent enough track, but I can get this from most bands today. Score: 7

“Don’t Tear Us Apart” | I have no idea what this song is about, but I like the music and I love the chorus. Score: 7

“My Hero” | This is my least favorite track so far. Not saying that it is a bad song; I just couldn’t get into the vibe. Score: 5

“Out on the Town” | I really dig this track. The sound is different and the lyrics are engaging. I like how they toned down their sound which reminded me of Social Distortion. Score: 10

“Out of our Heads” | Another fantastic, high-energy, kick-ass track. I don’t know how they can keep this up—they must have incredible stamina. Score: 9

“End of the Night” | Lyrically, this is my favorite track on the album. Musically the same thing applies. I just really love this song from beginning to end. I am proud to say I am in love with the Dropkick Murphys. Score: 10

Average Track Score: 8.8 Would I recommend this to my friends? You bet your sweet bippy I would. This album is a MUST BUY. | Jim Ryan


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