Doyle II | As We Die (Monsterman Records/EMP)


Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein, aka Doyle, has returned to the horror rock scene with a blistering new LP. As We Die features 13 tracks of horror-based, gothic rock that tantalize the senses. Although his former band the Misfits approached their material with a tongue-in-cheek sense of humor, Doyle is all seriousness. With lyrics as brutal as the sound, this album is not for the weak. In a genre growing in popularity, artists like Wednesday 13, Justin Symbol, and Davey Suicide could take a lesson from Mr. Frankenstein.

As We Die is punishingly dark, with blistering, articulate guitar work and strong vocals. The eerie harmonies and creative song structure of opening track “Kiss Me as We Die” make for a fantastic listen. Other notable tracks include “God of Flies,” which tells the tale of a killer through his own eyes, and “Run for Your Life,” a tune showcasing the aggressive vocals of Alex Story.

With a Black Sabbath feel and riffs that explode from the speakers, Doyle’s performance is stunning. He blazes through some awesome riffs with precision and attitude. Accompanied by the melodic baritone of Story, the combination has a riveting result. Story’s vocals are brutal, yet melodic and singable, giving the album a shine all its own.

Overall, this is one of the best releases of the year in its genre, showing a Doyle II who has come a very long way from being a Misfit. As We Die should grace the shelves of every alternative rock fan out there. | Marc Farr

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