Deerhoof | We Do Parties (Polyvinyl Records)

WeDoPartiesDeerhoofIn their most recent EP, Deerhoof delivers a collection of tracks that blends synthetic sounds with a wide array of possible interpretations.




We Do Parties is the most recent EP release by the experimental band, Deerhoof. The title track was originally released on 2012’s Breakup Song, but was taken and reused as a springboard for this four song EP. “We Do Parties” is predominantly driven by a three note progression on either bass or synthesizer (distinguishing instruments can be a difficult task with these hooligans). The guitar is rigid and biting but tactfully coordinated. The song ends with a powerful breakdown repeated three times as if to give the feeling that they are trying to perfect its sound.

“Mario’s Flaming Desert” is a remix of “Mario’s Flaming Whiskers III,” also from Breakup Song. The remix was done by Simeon Silver Apples. Whether or not this song is about Nintendo’s overalls-clad hero is yet to be determined. Silver Apples strips down the original track and gives it a light, airy feel, but overstuffs it with jumbling synths and various sound effects. The finished product is interesting, but leaves the listener wondering what exactly he just heard.

“Just For That” sounds like the inside of a spaceship, circa Hollywood 1956, but with a lot more handclaps. This is the only track Deerhoof wrote specifically for the EP. It is also the shortest track, clocking in at just over two minutes, and the only song with no lyrics. Interpretation is left completely up to the listener (one of Deerhoof’s areas of expertise).

The last song on the album is a glorious live cover of The Velvet Underground’s “All Tomorrow’s Parties.” Deerhoof’s rendition is much warmer and intimate than the original, and without the sporadic guitar twanging. One can only hope that they’ll play it live again on April 4th. That’s right, Deerhoof is playing The Firebird on Thursday, April 4th. Be sure to get your tickets for what may very well be one of the best Firebird shows of the year! B+ | Brian Cheli

Recommended if you like Battles, Stereolab, and Gang Gang Dance.

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