Death Angel | The Dream Calls For Blood (Nuclear Blast)

Death-Angel 75This track will shred your face off.


Here’s what I thought of Death Angel’s new album, The Dream Calls for Blood. Remember, all scores are out of a possible 10 points.

“Left for Dead” – I will be real honest. I don’t have one clue what this guy is saying. I know I could look up the lyrics, but I don’t think I would go to a Death Angel concert to sing along. I would go to mosh and to get some aggressions out. The music is really well done, and the chorus is pretty decent. An excellent head-banging song, and THAT’S how I like my speed metal. Score: 8

“Son of the Morning” – I could understand the lyrics a bit more on this track, but what sells it is the music — excellent, ass-kicking guitar riffs and fantastic rhythms. An all-around shredder, and I liked every moment. Score: 9

“Fallen” – I am digging this album more with every track. Nice chorus, excellent energy, and deadly guitars — fun! Score: 9

“The Dream Calls for Blood” – Aggressive but not obnoxious. I like the chorus and the blazing guitars. My only concern so far is that this is the album has to offer? Aggressive, fast metal? I am not asking for a ballad, but something different would be nice. Score: 8

“Succubus” – I asked for something different, and I got something different. If hair metal bands were famous for the power ballad, I suppose this is a power break-up song. I enjoyed the lyrics and the not-so-speedy tempo displayed in earlier tracks. Nice job boys. Score: 9

“Execution — Don’t Save Me” – Don’t be fooled by the beginning like I was; this track will shred your face off. One of the more memorable tracks on the album — I am really getting into the lead singer’s vocals, despite the fact that they remind me of Sam Kinison. Score: 8

“Caster of Shame” – Not one of my favorite tracks. Call me fickle, but I know what I like. I did like the drums, but the rest was forgettable. Score: 5

“Detonate” – Hmm. I am not really sure where to put my emotions with this one. The first half was really decent, and I was head-banging with a passion. But then the vocals took an unexpected turn in the last half that made me wince with annoyance. Score: 5

“Empty” – Nothing really memorable in this track as well — or am I just becoming unaffected by their awesomeness? Kind of came off as a filler track. Score: 4

“Territorial Instinct — Bloodlust” – Some fun twists and turns on this track. Nothing too outstanding, but nothing too shabby either. It kept my attention and made me want to mosh a bit. Score: 7

Average Track Score: 7.2. Would I recommend it to my friends? Yes. Well, the cool ones that like hard hitting, face shredding, head-banging speed metal. | Jim Ryan @draglover


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