Craig Wedren | Lapland (Team Love)

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Since the members of post-punk heroes Shudder to Think went their separate ways following 1997’s 50,000 B.C., singer Craig Wedren has been busy. He created the disco-pop party group Baby, is a member of NYC collective the Citizens Band, and works frequently on compositions for TV and film (Velvet Goldmine; First Love, Last Rites; etc.). On his first solo record, you’ll find a significantly softer, gentler Wedren. Well-crafted, heartfelt songs and quiet harmonies replace the raw guitar noise and experimental structures of the early Shudder days.

As expected, the guitar work on Lapland is excellent (check the middle of “She Don’t Sleep” and “One Man’s Heart” for lessons in tone), but Wedren’s unmistakable vocals are the centerpiece of this album. Songs like “Night Is Over” showcase his phenomenal operatic vocal range. Throughout the album are scattered tunes reminiscent of a young Elvis Costello. Even as the shiny, happy people vibe runs a little thick on the upbeat “Stuck,” it’s catchy rather than irritating.

“Love Among Ruins” even hints at Wedren itching to rock again (hopefully this’ll happen soon), but holding back to keep the record cohesive. Wedren and a live band have been playing shows recently in NYC with special guests; look out for a possible tour in early 2006.

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