Chromeo | Fancy Footwork (Deluxe Edition) (VICE)

cd_chromeo.jpgIt’s everything you love about Chromeo, in a new, enhanced package. 






Chromeo, that funky, off-center duo out of Montreal armed with keyboards, drum loops and catchy titles, caught the attention of music fans from all genres with their hit-filled album Fancy Footwork. So in celebration of that success, the record’s been repackaged in a deluxe manner, featuring remixes, music videos and few tracks from their prior release She’s in Control, and put together in new, "cooler" packaging. Chromeo accurately recommends calling this new double-disc album Fancier Footwork.

A friend described Fancy Footwork as the best album to have on hand for my next house party, and now armed with these remixes, I couldn’t agree more. One of my favorite remixes is Lifelike’s take on "Needy Girl." It’s changed from a cute, poppy song into something you’d expect to hear in a techno club. The remix of "Bonafied Lovin’" by Yuksek is also a fun, more club-like twist on a poppy song. Then there’s MSTRKRFT’s remix of the popular "Tendoroni" that brings to life all the little things with the addition of an aggressive synth line.

What’s great about Chromeo is how they can combine the elements of funk, electronic and cheese to make something truly infectious and fun—without going over the top. So for a full Chromeo-atic experience, Fancy Footwork (Deluxe)—or, rather Fancier Footwork—is definitely worth picking up and pulling out to pump life into your next bash. A | Eammon Azizi

RIYL: Moby, The Black Ghosts, Dystopia

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