Chris Brown & Tyga | Fan of A Fan the Album (RCA/Young Money/Cash Money)

Chris Brown and Tyga deliver exactly what their fans will expect: the lyrics are vulgar and the music is amazing.


Chris Brown and Tyga work so well together, and since they dropped Fan of A Fan the Mixtape in 2010 I have been anxiously awaiting the album.

Fan of a Fan the Album doesn’t disappoint, so long as fans have been enjoying Chris Brown’s evolution over the past few years. Fans of Brown’s early work will be disappointed, but fans of his more recent stuff will absolutely love it. Chris Brown and Tyga deliver exactly what their fans will expect: the lyrics are vulgar and the music is amazing.

I have loved Chris Brown since day one, but every time he comes out with something new, I do find myself slightly disappointed as I get nostalgic for music reminiscent of Chris Brown, Exclusive, or Graffiti. However, while the subject of Brown’s material has changed over the years, the quality has not, and there is simply no denying that he is a musical genius with the voice of an angel. Tyga’s hip-hop influence infused with Brown’s R&B background certainly adds flavor, and Brown isn’t a bad rapper himself.

“I guess your nigga too lame girl I betcha want a real one” from Real One is a typical, yet annoying lyric. Personally, I’m not flattered by guys who pump themselves up by putting other guys down, but maybe some girls like to hear all the things these rich celebs can give them that their current boyfriends can’t.

“I got em, yeah any girl that I want” is another stand out, from the song Bitches N Marijuana. I’m annoyed by both this lyric and the song title, but I appreciate the realness. With the fame and money that Chris Brown and Tyga’s music have brought them, they do constantly have girls throwing themselves at them, and that makes them feel entitled. It’s sad and it’s wrong, but it’s also real.

I may not always like what Chris is saying, but I will always be a fan of his music. I hate when people claim to only listen to the beat and not hear the lyrics because I think that’s impossible and either way the negative messages seep into your brain, but I also think it’s possible to learn from some degrading things artists are saying. The lyrical difference from Chris Brown’s first album to now is astounding—his mentality toward women, money, and power has changed significantly. However, I cannot discredit the catchy melodies and fun, dance-y beats.

I’ll be buying the clean version, but I definitely recommend this album to any Chris Brown and Tyga fan. Musically, they killed it.  B+ | Samantha LaBat

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