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cd_chemical-bros.jpgWhether you’ve heard just a few of these songs or all of them doesn’t matter; you will love every track.







To a massive house and electronica enthusiast, Brotherhood is the ultimate classic dance album out there at the moment. Having heard only one or two of their songs prior to the album’s release, I can say this compilation is the only proof anyone needs to realize the Chemical Brothers thus far have maintained a steady stream of success. Whether you’ve heard just a few of these songs or all of them doesn’t matter; you will love every track. None of these songs are fillers in any way, they are all massive, quality tracks, not merely the same song in repetition. Each and every song has its own distinct sound that differs dramatically from the rest.

Prior to the release of this album, the Chemical Brothers put together an interactive, global project entitled "Midnight Madness"—the title of one of the two new tracks on the album. The project consisted of fans across the globe taking short video clips of themselves and what they get up to around midnight. Their entries were then pinned to their location on Google Earth with all the other participants. This globally initiated project is viewable on the band’s website, The compilation also boasts "Keep My Composure," the band’s other brand new track featuring Spank Rock.

The album includes "Chemical Beats," originally released in 1994 under the band’s original name, The Dust Brothers, before copyright infringements required them to change their moniker. Also included on the two-CD set is "Leave Home," a track from their 1995 album Exit Planet Dust, their first official album as The Chemical Brothers. While they are both great tunes, their growth throughout the years is noticeable, as many of the earlier tracks on the CD are not quite as lethal and hypnotizing as their later work.

Some of the most quality tracks include the popular "Galvanize" and "Hey Boy Hey Girl," as well as "Star Guitar" and "Block Rockin’ Beats." To the relief of many, "The Salmon Dance" is missing from this compilation. However, if you are not familiar with it you must YouTube it, as it is one of the most creative and imaginative music videos made to date.

If you’re a fan of the more heavy and repetitive clubbing style with fewer vocals, you’ll enjoy CD two’s Electronic Battle Weapon tracks. True to British house in general, the CD mixes funky with quirky, making it sexy enough for the catwalk but lively enough to drop on the dance floor. B+ | Jennifer Manjarez

RIYL: Daft Punk, Basement Jaxx, Armand Van Helden

CD 1:
Hey Boy Hey Girl
Block Rockin’ Beats
Do It Again
Star Guitar
Let Forever Be
Leave Home
Keep My Composure
Out of Control
Midnight Madness
The Golden Path
Setting Sun
Chemical Beats

CD 2:
Electronic Battle – Weapons 1-10

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