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cd chanteThis quiet storm–type of song made me want to touch my body.






“Baby Can I Touch Your Body” | Sultry. Sexy. This quiet storm–type of song made me want to touch my body. I guarantee that if you put this song on during sexytime, your experience will be enhanced. Score: 8

“Talking in My Sleep” | Another sultry slow jam. Chanté’s vocals are fantastic and the music hits all the right notes. I am not sure I have the stamina to keep up with all the sexy jams on this album. Score: 9

“Alone” | At first I liked the ‘70s groove with a modern feel and the choice lyrics, but toward the end the track falls apart. Score: 6

“Don’t Make Me Laugh” | I failed to get on board with this ballad. I can appreciate the emotional realness of the vocals, but the lyrics are substandard. Score: 4

“Doctor Doctor” | This dance track never realized its own potential. It started off with a bang but it never went anywhere. Chanté tried her best on the vocals, but the music was a bit annoying and the song is missing any sort of a hook. Score: 4

“Mrs. Under, Stood” | This track’s arrangement is too minimal. The lyrics are better and the hook is in the chorus, but what this song needs is a sweeping arrangement. Score: 6

“On and On” | This is a slamming dance track that just misses the mark due to the understated arrangement. Once again. Chanté’s voice gives me life, and I even like the rapping by Da Brat, but the music does not do the vocals justice. I will, however, tell certain drag queens about this one. Score: 9

“Giving You My Always” | There are angels who walk among us, and Chanté’s vocals are proof of that. This jam is exactly that from start to finish. Finally…a song where the arrangement keeps up with this gifted singer. Score: 10

“Jesus, I Want You” | Decent enough for a religious song. It falls on deaf ears with me, but Chanté’s vocals are heavenly. Score: 5

“Cry Me a River” | Chanté flexes her jazz vocals on this very sexy track. She ends the album on a high note with a very strong vocal performance. Score: 9


Average Track Score: 7.0. Would I recommend this to my friends? Yes. There is enough good material to warrant a favorable recommendation. | Jim Ryan

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