Carl Barat and the Jackals | Let It Reign (Arcady /PIAS)

let it_reign_75This album is drenched and appropriately named. Let It Reign is a blast from the past.

Distorted vocals immediately greyscale everything else surrounding them, with fast-paced, beat-boppin’ guitar licks and lines. The rhythm swirls back in time to an early 2000s world—London was just the kind of alternative metropolis as any, with ex-Libertines co-founder Carl Barat and the Jackals soaking in the famous rain of the English city. This album is drenched and appropriately named. Let It Reign is a blast from the past.

The Jackals are definitely inspired by ska-esque, punk-esque, and grunge-esque bands like the Mad Caddies, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, and Everclear. That makes Let It Reign a great debut album in my book.

Although “Glory Days” was the starchild, early release of the album, all of the songs hold their own. They all carry the same fuzzy glow, Barat’s vocal the string tying the album tight, while still being separate enough to tell each song apart. “March of the Idle” will stick inside your brain for days, and you won’t complain.

Don’t let my comments fool you, though. The initial listen-through is never the best—at first, Let It Reign seems mediocre and overdone at best. Play it again. It’ll grow onto your heart like barnacles, I promise. But if you’re still skeptical about The Jackals, check out Carl Barat’s other band, The Libertines. Don’t they sound familiar?

Carl Barat and the Jackals’ album debuted on February 16, and you can order it through their website or on iTunes. Stuck in a sea of subsonic bass, DIY electronica, and auto-tune, Let It Reign’s 2000s style still holds strong. B | Vella Mour

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