Bruce Springsteen | High Hopes (Columbia)

BruceSpringsteenHighHopes 75

Would I recommend this to my friends? Doubtful. There just isn’t enough meat on this album.


“High Hopes” –  A decent down beat kind of rocker. Bruce’s vocals are the star of the song. The groove is infectious as well. Score: 8

“Harry’s Place” – This one didn’t really speak to me. I don’t like when Bruce uses his low whisper voice. Plus the lyrics don’t make me want to go to Harry Place. Score: 4

“American Skin (41 Shots)” – This song is brilliant – which is what I expect from Bruce. Engaging music, top shelf lyrics, and emotionally real vocals. Score: 10

“Just Like Fire Would” – A middle of the road rocker that has a decent melody and average lyrics. Filler track. Score: 5

“Down In The Hole” – I didn’t think I was going to like this song, but the haunting melody got through to me. This would make nice background music if I was like studying for a test or doing my taxes. Score: 7

“Heaven’s Wall” – This song falls victim to the overly repetitive chorus. Annoying to say the least. The music isn’t much better. This song is a pass. Score: 2

“Frankie Fell In Love” – This song is cute. I like when Bruce tells a story, but the whiny vocals on this one made me cringe. Score: 5

“This Is Your Sword” – This track has an Irish rock feel. Bruce puts his signature vocals on it which makes it awesome. I like the vibe of this track – it was fun to hear. Score: 8

“Hunter of Invisible Game” – This one feels like another Irish folk tale. The story seems to go on forever, but never really climaxes or catches my attention. The vocals are weak on this one as well. Score: 4

“The Ghost Of Tom Joad” – This song is epic. It builds and builds and then explodes with phenomenal guitar riffs and fantastic lyrics. Score: 10

“The Wall” – The music is beyond boring on this track. I mean welcome to Snoozeville. Bruce’s lyrics are puzzling. I have no idea what he was saying nor do I care. Score: 0

“Dream Baby Dream” – Another repetitive chorus song. Nothing to listen here folks, move along. Score: 2

Average Track Score: 5.4 Would I recommend this to my friends? Doubtful. There just isn’t enough meat on this album. | Jim Ryan

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