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Beautiful-Bodies 75The band has said its music comes down to one thing: energy.





The debut album Battles from alt-rock trio Beautiful Bodies is the perfect balance of loud instruments and high-energy dance beats. Eleven of the 12 tracks produce upbeat tempos with catchy melodies. This album is the perfect music to play to get yourself pumped up—whether you’re getting ready to spend the night out, driving with the windows down, or dancing at a party.

Beautiful Bodies is comprised of female vocalist Alicia Solombrino, guitarist and drummer Thomas Becker, and bassist Luis Arana. The band has said its music comes down to one thing: energy. And that’s exactly what we get from Battles. The music just never slows down; it’s channeled at full-force. Now, Solombrino may not have a voice as great as other alternative rock frontwomen of our time, like Jenna McDougall of Tonight Alive or Tay Jardine of We Are The In Crowd. But just because Solombrino isn’t the best, she’s still pretty good, and she makes up for it with her energetic, powerhouse attitude.

Battles isn’t totally original. Some lyrics were predictable, as if the band was trying too hard to rhyme. But songs like “September 1973” and “Gone, Gone, Gone” (the only slow-tempo song on the album) showcase that the band is certainly capable of writing great lyrics. The rest of the album is catchy, fun, and very loveable. Songs that really play up the band’s explosive energy include “Animal,” “Subversive Lover,” and “She’s a Blast.” The album’s first single, “Capture and Release,” will have listeners leaning in to hear more. “War Inside Your Heart” and “Invincible” sound like great teenage anthems, sure to have fans screaming out the lyrics.

Many of the songs from Battles will stick with listeners all day, as the catchy melodies are sure to be hummed for hours on end. Fans and new listeners won’t be disappointed by this album. The full album is now streaming on Epitaph Records’ YouTube channel, and fans can catch Beautiful Bodies live on this summer’s Warped Tour. B+ | Emily Van de Riet

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