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The rest of the world will know of AudioDamn! before too long. Be the tastemaker while you can.


Remember how you felt last year, the first time you listened to Saint Motel’s four-song debut EP, My Type? Like you had just discovered something equal parts retro and future that wouldn’t be your secret very long? And you were right? That’s how you’ll feel when you hit “play” on newbies AudioDamn! and their Epic Records appetizer.

The three guys from AudioDamn! obviously have deep influences; no way they’re content to listen to only what’s popular or recent. There’s something classic about opener “Brief Microsleep.” It’s rock and soul sprinkled atop classic melodies and a ’50s heart. “Radar” is grounded by “dum-dum-dums” and defined by soulful falsetto. (Yes, the word “soul” will keep resurfacing.” There are some lip-smacking harmonies here, some horns, some funky grooves, and some outright sexy vocals going on. Yummy.

“Lights Out” is instantly in your face, coming on strong before stripping back to sung-spoken lines and a simple guitar-drum backing beat. The guys let it all go on the refrain, which will have you singing along in no time. This song, more than the others, makes me want—no, need—to see this band live. Soon. (Hey, guys: Denver’s the greatest city in the country. Come visit us, hey?)

With the fourth song, “Give It Up,” AudioDamn! takes us back in time just a bit. But seriously: Their sound is so of-the-moment, so lasting, so classic, so fresh. It sounds instantly familiar and crazy good. Go ahead. Discover this one before all your friends. Because they—and the rest of the world—will know of AudioDamn! before too long. Be the tastemaker while you can. A+ | Laura Hamlett

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