Anthony Hamilton | What I’m Feelin’ (RCA)

There ain’t no shame in not settling, or getting off the porch to experience even our wildest dreams.


Any time I pop in an Anthony Hamilton CD I’m never at a lack of soul, and What I’m Feelin’ is no exception. His latest 12-track body of work highlights the spiritual connection of love. “It’s about all of it: church, cooking, lovemaking,” he said about his album on The Breakfast Club, as well as mentioning an upcoming tour with Fantasia.

If you’ve ever wondered if love was a spiritual feeling, Hamilton definitely confirms it with this album, as he fiercely juxtaposes God’s love for us, and how we should receive love from and give love to others. “Save Me” showcases the restoring feeling that love can have: “I just want to be born again, baby, you give me my life”—just as Christ does.

Immediately, I feel like I’m on a journey that will purify my soul as the bluesy electric guitar intros “Ain’t No Shame.” In this track, Hamilton reveals the short time we have to live life with no regrets, and there ain’t no shame in not settling, or getting off the porch to experience even our wildest dreams. You can definitely feel the Temptations’ and Five Heartbeats’ influence throughout the album, but especially on the title track, which features the HamilTones, and “Never Letting Go.”

Packed with rich vocals, What I’m Feelin’ takes a three-step approach to love: first, discovery; second appreciation, and last, continuation. Love transcends our greatest words, thoughts, and deeds. These, however, are simply insufficient to describe how good love inspires you to grow. Like Hamilton explores in the first three tracks—lead single “Amen,” “I Want You,” and “Grateful”—be bold in appreciating your blessings. He tells us “Be authentically you,” encouraging you to stay the course, even though sometimes it can be frustrating. “Walk in My Shoes,” “Still,” and “Love Is an Angry Thing” unveil this sentiment in each lyric.

Hamilton’s voice is just the right amount of sultry and Baptist church on Sunday morning. He bullet points the experiences of the last few years, and how he’s made it through with love, and, even more honestly, God. He discovers that, in finding true love, he experiences the love of Christ. Who would have thought that all those tides and crests would lead him back to the one true love? The One who gave his Son “to win our battles and blend hearts” on Calvary (how appropriate with Easter on Sunday), that we can look at each other without judgment, but with empathy and approval. That discovery alone can make you feel the never-ending love in the presence of your loved ones.

So I want to go to church—where Anthony Hamilton can preach about love, its power, and how nothing ever done in love can come back void. Whether it’s a blessing or tears your heart to pieces, love is the most spiritual gift we can give. That’s exactly what What I’m Feelin’ is: a gift. B+ | Ashley White

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