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cd_anthem-in.jpgThis New York quintet’s debut self-titled release is a solid offering of indie rock-pop.







If you’re a fan of Death Cab for Cutie, you will like Anthem In. This New York quintet’s debut self-titled release is a solid offering of indie rock-pop, led by Allen Orr’s almost spot-on Ben Gibbard impression. Although initially the disc seems to be enjoyable listen-while-you-work material, the deeper you get into it, the deeper your appreciation. There is definitely talent here.

Lead-off track "Moving On" is a gentle introduction to the disc; with its prominent guitar line on the refrain, "Hold On to Me" is more rock than pop; here, combined male-female vocals (Orr, Ashley Proffitt) provide a richer texture to the song. The simmering "Until Morning" is one of the disc’s strongest tracks. Orr’s vocals are more subdued and the melody line is crazily addictive. Likewise, a highly memorable guitar line winds its way through "Photo," another standout song. With its shoegaze tendencies, "In My Life" is a slow burner, one that quickly insinuates itself into your appreciation.

Of course, not every song is a standout, but neither are any of them clunkers. Anthem In still has some work to do in order to stand out against a backdrop of talented and beloved indie artists; with this disc, they seem to have the talent to do just that. B | Laura Hamlett

RIYL: Death Cab for Cutie, Rogue Wave, Pinback

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