Annabelle’s Curse | Worn Out Skin (s/r)

cd annabelles-curseAnnabelle’s Curse sets out to stir some kind of emotion inside of you, take you down a trip with them and leave you craving more.



In 2013, a five piece from Virginia, Annabelle’s Curse, released Hollow Creatures. The album was dark and sucked you into this life in southwestern Virginia. It was beautiful put together and had my vote as one of the best regional albums.

Recently, the band released the single “Brother in Arms” from their upcoming album Worn Out Skin. Immediately, I noticed it wasn’t as dark and gut wrenching as Hollow Creatures (Soundcloud it and listen to the title track), but it did stir emotion. That’s what every band wants to do, right? Stir some kind of emotion inside of you, take you down a trip with them and leave you craving more…right? Right?

Once again, Annabelle’s Curse has done that. But this time, it’s more of a happy, folky, indie sound, and it’s actually really nice. It’s the right mixture of folk instruments (banjo, guitar, bass, drums, mandolin), making them unique enough to stand out in an area of the country that is swamped with “folk indie” bands. But what really sets this act apart is the harmony of the vocals between lead singer and banjo player Tim Kilbourne and co-vocalist and mandolin player Carly Booher. It would be an understatement to say you can just sense the chemistry in their vocals. When these two are harmonizing on a track together, it’s pure magic and absolutely beautiful.

There are a couple standout tracks that should be mentioned.

  1. “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothes”—This is just a beautiful example of Booher and Kilbourne’s vocals complimenting each other. It’s lyrically beautiful, as well.

  2. “Brother in Arms”—Do you need a warm, fuzzy feeling mixed a unique indie sound? Look no further. This track has all of that, and then some. This was a smart choice to release as a single.

  3. “Beneath the Clouded Moon”—This definitely has some Hollow Creatures roots in it. It’s upbeat and the band is at its best. It’s almost like we are sitting in on a jam session and lucky enough to be among the few there. I can only imagine this song would floor an audience live. Two thumbs up,; my favorite from the entire record.

If you need some new music, I highly, highly recommend picking up Worn Out Skin. It’s a beautiful example that some of the best music in the country is created in the beautiful Appalachian Mountain (app-uh-latch-un) foothills. B- | Adam Robinson

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